100 thousand welcomes to the Rainbow Framework experience

Why hello there!    Please…do come in!

I don’t think we’ve met.

My name is Sheila and this is my digital home that pulsates with the heartbeat of my creative self.

Grab yourself a drink or perhaps a spot of tea and get comfy.

Let’s start with a visual, shall we:

~Picture your life as a beautiful ray of white light.

~Now open up that light and step into the spectrum inside.

The rainbow framework experience is about basking in the light and brilliance of the colors that are you.

You can expect to experience:




-odes to self expression

-bodacious block busting

-flowers popping out of destruction

-conscious walks through wealth and abundance

-your creative lips smacking

-the funny stretchy sound your brain makes when it’s evolving

and while I can’t guarantee it

-you may even hear the sound of all creation.

Don’t we all just wanna rock our om?

There’s lots of nurturing, warmth and understanding to be experienced here.  Think of the Rainbow Framework as a think tank of creative evolutionaries embracing and co-creating their lives to the sound of their creative impulse.

And let me be crystal clear…this is the sweetest of sounds, the height of rock stardom.  I can only describe it as profinity ( when the profound and the divine combine and pop out of you.

Why did I name the site the Rainbow Framework?

Funny you should ask.

I’ve found that thinking in pictures helps me learn and when I learn I grow.  I need a simple picture that shows me how it all fits together.

I named the site after “The Rainbow Framework” because this is the picture that helps me smash together, organize, figure out and understand all the super important  pieces of life.  From the grand to the itty bitty. From the concrete to the abstract. From the light to the dark.

It is my go to “get it” guide, superlative secret love weapon, vivacious visual, lucky life map, colorful code or should that be ode.

It is a simple framework that helps me and it could help you too.

Now that we have become acquainted I think I’ll bid adieu and not overstay my welcome.

Is it possible to over stay your welcome in your own home?

Yes, yes I think it is.  After all, I have to create a soothing learning experience for my guests

and that would be


The doors are open to the rainbow framework experience 24/7.  Stop by for some peace love and understanding any time and by all means bring a piece of cake next time.  Gluten free of course.  YUM!

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