5 ways to make love to your authentic self

You’re knee deep in life when you get this feeling that something is not quite right.  You try to put your finger on it but come up empty time and again.

You awake in the middle of the night and wonder why you’ve had a series of sleepless nights.  Vague questions and fleeting thoughts dart in and out of your mind but they’re too faint to extract meaning.

You feel a strong pull in the opposite direction of everything you’ve cultivated for years.  You are going through the motions but you do not feel alive.

Stop right there!

Do not go one step further without consciously realizing that your authentic self is sending you messages.  At this point, they are quiet nudges trying to wake you up.

If you do not listen, they will get louder and can have a profound negative effect on your life.

The voice sending you these divine messages is your authentic self.

And if you listen to that voice,

you will be dazzled by the light of your being.

you will be propelled forth by your purpose

you will experience the peak of self-love

The purpose of the authentic self

 I like to visualize my authentic self as a glowing ball of creative love that fuels my life.  It pretty much has all the answers to my questions about life purpose, happiness, self-expression and meaning and yours does too.

The authentic self is your  personal impulse to become, create and evolve.

I’ll say that again,

The authentic self is your personal impulse to become, create and evolve.

In terms of the trajectory of your life…this is epic.

In order to harness that energy we need to

-Listens to it

-Connect to it


-we need to make passionate love to it.

5 top ways to make love to your authentic self

1. Romance it.  Light a candle, get some wine and write a sweet little ol’ love  letter to your authentic self.  Let it know you want to have a loving relationship and that you want to cultivate an environment that fosters free creative love.

2. Embrace it and let the creativity flow outward.  Don’t be afraid to embrace the divine truth and greatness of your authentic self.  Bask in its light and let it shine a light so bright that the glow will shed light in the dark corners of the world.

3. Plug into the energy of your authentic self and let your actions radiate with its vibrant pulse.

4. Connect with it on a deep energetic level and let your creative self- expression be a powerful force for change.

5. Passionately propel your authentic purpose into action so that your impulse to create, grow and evolve will have a ripple effect.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. – C.G. Jung

And be in love with it!

 *Visualization using the Rainbow Framework:   Look at the warm soulful colors.  The authentic self is part of the yellow realm.  The yellow realm is the transition realm from the cool survival based colors to the warm soulful colors.  The yellow realm is home to flow, creativity and nature connections.





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