Origins of the Rainbow Framework – “The Light”

As I passed my dining room window I gazed upon a light that shown on a small patch of woods in the far left corner of my suburban yard. I felt inexplicably drawn to the light. It touched something deep inside. A sense of calm, an intuitive moment, a profound awareness of something other than the stuff of life that takes you away. I could not explain it, I could not interpret it, but I knew it was good.

Over the next several years, I would be beckoned from my busy schedule whenever I saw the light. A shimmering dance on the dense vibrant greenery. It always made me feel warm inside and of the moment. I drank up the good feeling, quenching a desert sized thirst. I had an internal sense that there was something profound happening during these moments. Eventually, I would make the connection and discover a very powerful message within the light.

The above passage is about the experience I had when I looked at the light in my yard. When I looked at the light I felt a connection to nature and a sense of oneness. During these moments, I stepped outside of my regular ego based thinking and the busyness of my life. As this continued to occur, it sparked a curiosity in me and I wondered what I was experiencing.

One day, I started to write about the light in my yard and how it made me feel and I realized that the white light represented life and the spectrum inside represented the expression of life. After I drew the rainbow framework visual and looked at it, I experienced a flash of insight. It was a dazzling moment of realization in which I ran through my house screaming I get it, I finally get it! Millions of tiny cells lighting up my mind. It was like seeing all the puzzle pieces of life put together.

All of the above events set the stage for the process of consciously creating my life. The light in my yard had connected me to nature, the universal mind and the warmer more spiritual aspects of me. This profound connection led me to the rainbow framework and viewing the rainbow framework visual led to a personal awakening on many levels. To this day a shift continues to occur in my life as I gain insights and continue to consciously create my life.

Here is a video of me talking about how the rainbow framework came to be:


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