The Rainbow Framework – A picture is worth a thousand words


What is the Rainbow Framework?

The Rainbow Framework is a universal tool that can evolve your consciousness (increase awareness).  It is a color-coded visual that represents seven aspects or parts of life.  If you look at the visual, you will see a rainbow (white light separated into the seven colors of the spectrum) labeled with seven color realms.

The white light represents your life. 

The spectrum inside represents the expression of that life (the gold within).  Each realm has an identifying color and theme words that are represented by that color.   Each theme word is an umbrella for many outgrowths of that particular word.  All color realms are interconnected and overlap.  The darker colors are called the cool range of colors, lean more towards the physical parts of our lives and are integral to our physical expression and survival.  The lighter colors are called the warm range of colors, lean more towards the spiritual or abstract part of our lives and are integral to our spiritual expression and survival.

Together the seven colors represent the full spectrum of expression. 

For practical purposes, at this point, we are not focusing on hierarchy of color.  Rather, we are focusing on the importance of all the colors.  Each realm can be expressed in varying degrees both constructively and destructively.  The rainbow framework will involve you in the process of shifting from mindless expression to conscious expression.  You can use the Rainbow Framework Visual and the Rainbow Framework starter guide to create your unique Spectrum of Individuality.

It’s one powerful life framework!


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